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              Was established in 1995 with USD$250,000 capital paid. We have experience in manufacturing Jeans buttons, Jeans & Leather Rivets, 5 legs Snap Buttons, Spring or Ring Type, Trouser Hooks, Eyelets and Sewing Buttons, etc. Our output capacity is 100,000 gross with about 10,000 square meters factory area and about 50 employees.

                     Located in 38/97-100 Soi Ekachai 64/2, Ekachai Road, Bangbon Subdistrict, Bangbon District, Bangkok, Thailand. Our staff consists of experienced specialist from Taiwan and Thai well-trained technicians. We strive to create a high quality product while keeping our prices competitive. We put a strong emphasis on quality through in house inspection prior shipment for 100% policy.

Nickel free and Coating with non-toxic, non-heavy metal color enamel. Tested by ITS HONG KONG : EN1811 and for samples with a lacquer coation : 12472. Some logos shown here are made to order by individual mark or trademark proprietor or persons with valid license or authority to use such marks.

We have high capability in designing the style or logo upon your requirements. Our in house high performance CNC Computerized machines and other modern equipment enable ask to integrate all step of production ensure high quality of the products. We have ability to deliver your full container order within 45 days. We also have precision press die upon your requirements.

Our major customer is Explorer, Nike, Giordano, Exact and BNN, etc. in international countries such as Germany, France, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, etc. and we are always looking to foster new partnerships with agents worldwide. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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